2023 Events

We are excited to come together for another season of learning how to heal the land and in turn ourselves and each other! Visit our ACCOMMODATIONS page to make a weekend of it!


June 19-22 & 26-29

Polyface Farm Camp! Igniting Wonder and Curiosity

Join us for an unforgettable week full of exploring, learning, and creating.

Through hands-on learning, your child will have fun and build confidence. They will connect with nature while building friendships and learning to care for the earth and animals around them.


June 23-24

TWO DAYS OF TRUTH with Dr. Sina McCullough & Joel Salatin

How “Science” Got It Wrong & What We Can Do About It

Sponsored by Dr. Sina McCullough and Farmer Joel Salatin with special MC appearance by Holistic Hilda!

In order to heal the body, we must understand how the body works. But most of what we were taught in school about the body is wrong. Yet, it is still taught as “gospel.” No wonder we are getting sicker instead of getting stronger!

During TWO DAYS of TRUTH, we will explore what is actually hindering us from achieving optimal health, wellness and freedom. We will also lay the groundwork for how to turn the tide.

Day One: The PROBLEM 

On day one, we present the case for how “science” got it wrong regarding Biology, Health, Medicine & Agriculture through numerous examples spanning the past century:

  • Dr. Thomas Cowan and Dr. Sina McCullough will share NEW information to help you discern between fact and fiction.They will challenge the conventional ideas of DNA (does it exist?), vitamins, stem cells, urine toxicity, digestion of food, what’s in food, vaccine efficacy, and the very notion of “disease”. 
  • Joel Salatin will explore the surprising consequences of our unnatural relationship with nature. 
  • Amy Fewell (founder of Homesteaders of America) will share how herbalism became sidelined in America and why she regards herbs as “God’s medicine.” 

Optional “application” time for diversifying the microbiome through grounding, drinking from the cow trough and immersing our hands and feet in Polyface soil will be offered.


Each speaker will provide practical solutions for how to implement a new framework of Biology, Health, Medicine & Agriculture into your daily life.

We will offer:

  • Favorite home remedies to address acute and chronic “dis-ease”
  • Live demonstrations on how to make remedies using herbs and spices
  • A peak inside our personal medicine cabinets and kitchens
  • Tips and hands-on demonstrations of how to become food independent by harmonizing with nature
  • Techniques to release stuck emotions including how to do an Emotional Detox
  • Exercises on site for changing your perception in order to create the life you want 
BONUS: DEVOTIONAL DETOX: On Saturday morning, join Joel Salatin for a leisurely walk at Polyface farm on land that is not normally part of the farm tours. Once we reach the top of the hill, Joel will lead us in a devotional, including prayer and song – accompanied by Holistic Hilda on acoustic guitar.


Polyface Farm**
43 Pure Meadows Ln.
Swoope, VA 24479**

Space is LIMITED to 300 people.
Lunch is provided; You will be nourished from the fertile fields of Polyface Farm and nearby food crafters in the community.
Joel Salatin will host a BRAND NEW 60-minute farm tour
From now until May 15th receive the reduced price of $225 per adult
(children under 15 are free)
After May 15th price increases to $275 per adult

Price includes: Farm Tour, Devotional Detox, Lunch for Two days, Breakfast on June 24th, Access to All Speakers, “Play Time”, and a Take-Home Packet with tips from each speaker. For tickets please visit…https://polyfaceyum.com/product-cat/experience-polyface/#!/TWO-DAYS-OF-TRUTH-2023/p/522990237/category=43333526


We are currently accepting applications for vendors. Both adults and children are welcome to apply to be a vendor. Please send inquiries to: HandsOffMyFood@1791.com. Please include your name and the type of product(s) you’d like to sell.



Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminars

If you ever wanted in immerse for two days behind the curtain at Polyface Farms, here is your chance! This is a hands on, in-the-field learning experience in which the how-to is smothered in southern hospitality. The Salatin family crams all material possible into two days of fantastic food (6 meals), sweet fellowship and intensive information. It is a comprehensive look at multi-generational multi-species direct market grass farm and business.

2023 Dates…

July 17-18  

July 21-22  

August 4-5  

Visit our EDUCATION page for more info and to reserve your spot! They sell out fast!

Visit our ACCOMMODATIONS page for a list of some of our favorite lodging options!



August 11-12 - God’s Good Table

Come join God’s Good Table at Polyface Farm! We have a fantastic line-up of topics that cover the importance of God-given foods, sourcing and preparing these nurturing foods, what the Bible says about it all, and a beautiful Sunday of worship and inspiring message from “Pastor” Joel. 

We even have a kids program with activities, crafts, storytelling, and farm adventures.   

 It will be a wonderful weekend of fellowship, food, learning, worship, and fun for the whole family!

To register, please visit https://www.​godsgoodtable.com/god-given-​food-polyface-2023 

Email hello@godsgoodtable.com ​with any questions.

 August 17, 18 & 19

What is the ABC of Organic Agriculture with Jairo Restrepo?

This course uses both theory and practice to engage participants around the key concepts of organic agriculture.

Lecture and discussion will focus on the recovery of soil and the quality of the food it produces. Hands-on demonstrations will teach participants how to produce their own organic fermented fertilizers (bokashi), how to prepare liquid biofertilizers and how to reproduce beneficial soil microbes on their own farms. Participants will also learn how to prepare mineral broths for the control of diseases and insects in different types of crops.

All of this with a special emphasis on how to take advantage of local resources and materials.

Jairo has published 11 books in spanish and sold over 30,000 copies worldwide.

Agronomist, Agricultural Engineer and worldwide lecturer, with over 40 years of experience and a trajectory that has spanned in more than 30 countries, giving workshops, conferences and private consultancies.

Born in Columbia and naturalized in Brazil, Jairo has had a critical impact worldwide in the devlopment of organic agriculture in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Oceania. Focusing mainly on the development of innovating techniques that recover traditional rural knowledge. Making an emphasis on fertilization and nutrition techniques, recovery and conservation of soils, diagnosis of the soils and the planning of transition process for chemically treated farms that want to evolve towards organic agriculture.

For more info and to grab your tickets visit https://polyfaceyum.com/product-cat/experience-polyface/#!/The-ABCs-of-Organic-Agriculture-with-Jairo-Restrepo/p/531697591/category=43333526


September 29-30 National Association of Nutrition Practitioners -


November 10-11 Homesteaders of America Women’s Event - more info coming soon!