Farm Tour Policy

Polyface is a working farm that receives no taxpayer money via government grants or subsidies. We stay in business by using our time productively doing important daily tasks. As much as we would love to spend time with everyone who comes by, we simply can’t. We have literally hundreds of visitors a week. Here is our farm tour and visit policy:


We have an open door policy. Anyone may come anytime Monday through Saturday to see anything anywhere. Please respect the privacy of our homes. We have a completely transparent farm operation and truly welcome the integrity that this openness engenders. If you do this on a Monday – Saturday (we are closed Sundays) and want to also purchase products, please check our store hours.


Polyface offers two-hour private walking tours of the farm. We welcome anyone interested in learning more about Polyface, including individuals, families, school groups (elementary through post-graduate), homeschool groups, church groups, girl/boy scouts, corporate groups, senior groups, etc. Although the farm is most active in the spring, summer and fall, we will happily schedule a tour any time of year.  Heather Juda, Polyface apprentice graduate and long-time contract farm manager, leads these tours and offers an up-close view of each farm enterprise and how they work together as a whole.  These tours are private and are scheduled on an individual basis with you. Please send Heather an email (​) for more information or to schedule a tour. The cost is $300 per tour (not per person) and prepayment is required to secure the booking.  We cannot offer refunds but will happily reschedule due to inclement weather or other unforeseeable event.


Offered monthly, these genuine hay wagon tours, led by either Joel or Daniel, are limited to the first 100 people to reserve spots. Nominal fee for adults, free for children 12 and younger (children must be accompanied by an adult). For both young and old this meandering driving tour stops at all the different pastured animals, where the Polyface lunatic farmers sound forth on everything from earthworms to earth muffins. More fun than a theme park roller coaster ride, this tour has something for everyone, from farmers to corporate executives. Even McDonald’s junkies are welcome. You’ll never be the same. The diverse people who attend these is profound, and generates unexpected conversations. Epiphanies are normal.

Be sure to arrive 20 minutes prior to start of tour, we will not backtrack for late comers. Tours are 2.5 hours. Tickets are $25/ea. Children under 12 are free.

2023 Lunatic Tour Dates - All tours are 10-12:30

April 29

May 20

June 17

July 8

July 15

September 16

September 23

October 7

Click HERE to buy tickets! We can’t wait to see you!

Making a weekend of it? Visit our ACCOMMODATIONS page for lodging/restaurant suggestions!


Polyface routinely receives requests from around the world to come for a few days or more and follow us around.  The requests normally end with:  “I’m sure I can earn my keep.”  Please, no offense, but no, you can’t. 

This is a for-profit genuine working farm.  When people tag-along, we are constantly answering questions and trying to keep them from being run over or in the wrong place.  The divided focus makes us forget tools, to close (or open) gates, and cost us valuable time in efficiently going about our duties.

We offer fairly unlimited access to come and see on your own.  You can come to the semi-monthly lunatic tour.  You can come to the seminars.  But please, please do not ask to come and follow us around for a couple of days.  It just doesn’t work. We love visitors and we love teaching people about what we do AND encouraging you to do it too! We just don’t have the time or the staff for something like this.