The Role Restaurants Play in Healing the Land

Once again the debate about climate change is front and center in the news and in people’s minds due to the U.S.’ decision to leave the Paris Agreement. As a chef, the future of food and farming is a critical issue that affects your livelihood. The debate around climate change can become so complicated that sometimes it can feel like nothing you do will actually have any impact on the health of your community and ultimately the planet – but that’s not true.

Your investment in Polyface pastured meat and poultry means that we can quietly go about our day-to-day agenda of soil building and carbon-sequestration. Our farming methods have moved soil organic matter from 1% in the early 1960s to more than 8% today. And if you’re tempted to feel like 8% is a small number, remember that all it would take is a 1% move nationwide to return atmospheric carbon levels to pre-1960 levels. Partnering with Polyface is a pro-active way to practically and viscerally participate in planetary healing. Yes, our little corner may be small, but ultimately many little decisions add up to big cumulative numbers. Because our domestic animals at Polyface
mimic the biomass-stimulating choreography of wild herds and flocks, with their intricate relational symbiosis, positive ecological patterns also progress exceptionally well.

Thank you for actively connecting the dots between earthworms, biomass, animals, and the plate. Hovering over the plate absolutely defines our hovering over the landscape. Seeing the land, the ecology, the commons (air, soil, water) through the plate is perhaps the ultimate awareness you can cultivate in your kitchen. Thank you for being our partners in this land healing ministry; we couldn’t do it without you.