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Lingering in Life's Moments

posted on

February 26, 2024

A beaver has made its home near the bridge at the front entrance of Polyface. Rain storms have come and gone and yet, he soldiers on through life, strengthening his dam when it weakens and building additional hubs further upstream. 

Many of our staff have enjoyed watching and tracking the beaver's activity, and we often comment about our little friend in everyday conversations.

“Have you noticed that larger tree he has been working on felling?”

“I took a walk up the riverbank and I found where he is starting a new dam!”

“You saw the beaver yesterday? Lucky you!”


Last week, at dusk (one of the prettiest times of day on the farm) I was rolling out the driveway but was stopped by a fellow team member and her two little girls.

“Look! It’s the beaver!” they whispered with excitement. We all stopped for a moment on the bridge, during that golden time of day and watched him quietly. His broad tail wagged back and forth in the water. He swam about gathering small branches and pushing them downstream toward his dam.

We watched with bated breath, enjoying the peace of the moment until finally he swam out of sight. Even then we craned our necks, peering through the growing darkness, to catch one last glimpse of his slicked-down furry back moving through the water.

Slowly we moved on, each of us back to our respective homes. It was time to finish up our little tasks, cook dinner, and prepare for a new week. But I lingered, enjoying the moment of just sitting in nature and seeing the beauty of a healthy ecosystem play out in front of my eyes.

I am so blessed that, in my line of work, I have daily opportunities to take advantage of moments like these. A cardinal graced me with his presence on the porch this morning; last week, while waiting on a trailer to continue chipping branches, I sat and watched the trees move in the wind. 

What good is life if you don’t arrest those small moments and remember how glad you are to be alive?

We live in a world where 'fast' and 'efficient' are always elevated. But think of how much you miss when you rush through life. You will miss the beavers, the cardinals, and the trees. 

Our purpose in this world is not just to get things done, but rather to live wholehearted lives. Let’s slow down and truly look at the world. Everywhere, there are wonders to behold, beauties to see, and little things to notice if only we have eyes to see.

Where are these moments in your life? I promise you, you do not want to miss them!


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