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Hosted at Polyface Farms


We are excited to come together for another season of learning how to heal the land and in turn ourselves and each other! 

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April 12-13 Homesteaders of America Business Conference

    Enjoy in-depth, two-hour discussion classes from the homesteaders and farmers that are making a living off of what we all love to do. Whether you’re wanting to be the next Polyface farm, or you just want your homestead to pay for itself. Whether you’re trying to get yourself and your spouse both at home, or you’re just trying to leave the 9 to 5 for yourself. Whatever your reason, you won’t want to miss this amazing opportunity to learn from those who are truly doing it, not just over the last few years, but for the last few decades. Learning how to create a sustainable model for years to come is essential, especially with our changing economy and political atmosphere.

    A Polyface LUNCH is included for ALL ticket holders. BREAKFAST is also included for our VIP ticket holders (in addition to lunch).

    Are you ready to make your homestead or farm pay for itself, and beyond? Then don’t miss this event!

    Click link for tickets The Homestead Business Weekend - Homesteaders of America

    April 27 Lunatic Tour 


      May 4 Lunatic Tour

      May 16-18
         Rogue Food Conference - We have dreamed for many years about bringing together food and farm innovators to discuss how we make real, local, slow, traditional food available in a day and age of bureaucratic and regulatory burdens specifically created and enforced to stomp it out.  Vendors and sponsors help us keep tickets affordable so that as many people as possible can take part in the discussion and spread the ideas to help make change achievable. This event is unlike others, not just in terms of content and speakers, but also food – both meals will be sourced from real, local farmers, not off some long distance, highly processed, prepackaged Sysco truck.


      June 14-15 Beyond Labels Summit

      Elevate Your Health at the Detoxify the Body-Mind-Spirit summit!

      Featuring: Dr. Leland Stillman, Sayer Ji, Dr. Sina McCullough, Joel Salatin and Hilda Labrada Gore.

      Together, we will explore ancient and modern detoxification strategies and create a personalized detox plan tailored to your needs! Clearing physical toxins enhances energy, slows aging, improves sleep, and boosts immunity, while mental and spiritual detox fosters clarity, balance, and inner peace. Detoxification is also a critical component in reversing chronic and autoimmune diseases, and it can provide a deeper connection with God.

      Reserve your tickets and view the schedule here - BEYOND LABELS SUMMIT 

      EARLY BIRD ticket price until 5/15!

      NEW THIS YEAR!! Beyond Labels Kids & Teen Club Calling all young explorers and dreamers! Join us for an unforgettable journey of fun and discovery at the FIRST EVER Beyond Labels Kids & Teens Club – where education meets excitement, and gratitude for God's creations takes center stage! Learn more at https://www.drsinamccullough.com

      June 22 Lunatic tour


      July 22-23 Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminar
      Exclusive for SEAL Future Foundation only

      July 26-27 Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminar - Stockman Grass Farmer is handling sign ups 601-853-7755 or visit the ticket page HERE

      July 29-30 Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminar - Stockman Grass Farmer is handling sign ups 601-853-7755 or visit the ticket page HERE


      August 2-3 Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminar -Stockman Grass Farmer is handling sign ups 601-853-7755 or visit the ticket page HERE

      August 10 Lunatic tour

      August 22-23 Stockman Grass Farmer Gathering

      Joel's favorite gurus are all going to be assembled in one place, at one time, and you can hear them too. We don’t know when we've been as excited about a speaker lineup as what we have for the Stockman Grass Farmer Gathering 2024. Call SGF at 800-748-9808 for tickets.

      Read more on JOEL'S BLOG...MY GURUS — The Lunatic Farmer

      August 31   Lunatic Tour


      September 14 Lunatic Tour

      September 21 Lunatic Tour

      September 27-28  Exit and Build https://livefree.academy/op/ex...


      October 5 Lunatic Tour


      November 8-9 Homesteaders of America Women’s Retreat