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  • Joel Salatin
    Joel Salatin
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  • Joel's Speaking Topics
    Joel's Speaking Topics
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  • Daniel Salatin
    Daniel Salatin
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Joel's Speaking Schedule:



  • July 12-13 East Tennessee Homestead Alliance Townsend,  TENNESSEE
  • July 20  Freedom Farms, Greene, NEW YORK
  • July 26-27 Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminar, Polyface Farm
  • July 29-30 Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminar, Polyface Farm


  • August 2-3 Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminar, Polyface Farm
  • August 4 AnarCon Cove Campground, Gore, VIRGINIA
  • August 22-23 Stockman Grass Farmer Gathering, Polyface Farm Call 601-853-8087 for tickets
  • August 31 Ron Paul Institute DC Conference Washington, D.C.


  • September 6-7 Ozarks Homesteading Expo, Springfield, MISSOURI
  • September 13-14 West Virginia Homesteading Conference Charleston, WEST VIRGINIA
  • September 14 Lunatic Tour, Polyface Farm
  • September 21 Lunatic Tour, Polyface Farm


  • October 4 Southern Homestead Festival Whitesburg,  GEORGIA
  • October 5 Lunatic Tour, Polyface Farm
  • October 11-12  2024 Homesteaders of America, Front Royal, VIRGINIA
  • October 19 Back to Basics Conference 2024:  Summit in Healthcare, Food and Family Dedham,  MASSACHUSETTS
  • October 26-27 Husbandry Conference, Hardison Mill/Rory Feek Columbia,  TENNESSEE


  • November 1 Soil to Soul, Zurich, SWITZERLAND
  • November 8-9  Rogue Food Conference, Dallas, TEXAS
  • November 12-13 Stockman Grass Farmer Business School with Steve Kenyon Kansas City,  MISSOURI, Phone: 601-853-7755
  • November 14-15 Stockman Grass Farmer Marketing School with Charlotte Smith, , Kansas City, MISSOURI, Phone 601-853-7755


  • December 5 ACRES USA Conference Madison, WISCONSIN

  • December 12-14 Liberty Food Fest VERMONT


    • January 18-19 Homesteading Conference Hosts:The Ox Shoppe and Lake Metroparks Farmpark, Kirtland, OHIO
    • February 14-15 Southern Iowa Grazing Conference Bloomfield,  IOWA
    • March 22 Okie Homesteading Expo Pryor,  OKLAHOMA
    • March 29-30 Self Reliance Festival, Camden, TENNESSEE
    • April 6 Apr. 6 Alaska Homestead Expo ALASKA
    • April 16 Private farm consult WEST VIRGINIA
    • June 18-19 Ohio Food Independence Summit Sugarcreek,  OHIO
    • June 21  South Fork Homestead Paris, ILLINOIS
    • Oct. 4, 2025 West Virginia Off Grid Living, Survive and Thrive Expo West Virginia State Fairgrounds, Fairlea,  WEST VIRGINIA

    Daniel's Speaking Schedule:




      • July 26-27 Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminar, Polyface Farm
      • July 29-30 Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminar, Polyface Farm


      • August 2-3 Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminar, Polyface Farm



      February 19th and 20th Dutch Meadows Farm, Paradise PA

        Joel's Speaking & Consulting Info:

        Speaking Protocol:

        To secure Joel as a speaker, regardless of venue (non-profit, community group, sustainable agriculture, urban food activism, corporation, college, association), please contact the farm by emailing: polyfacefarms@gmail.com or call 540-885-3590.

        The honorarium is the same whether it is a 30-minute presentation or an all-day seminar. Expenses include travel, meals, lodging, and parking fees.

        If your organization normally uses a speakers' bureau to secure guest lectures, please contact Chartwell International Speakers' Bureau at 972-385-1021 or mackenzie@chartwellspeakers.com. Otherwise contact us directly at polyfacefarms@gmail.com

        We reserve the right to negotiate concessions to these terms per our discretion. For all media inquiries contact Wendy Gray at 540-885-3590 or wendy@polyfacefarms.com

        Consulting Services:

        Engaging Joel for a day of consulting (multi-day discounts) is an investment in his experience and unorthodox creativity. To help pay for it, some folks offer a tag-along option for folks or an evening public event. Most folks just want the individual attention for a day or more. No one can be good at everything; here are Joel’s areas of expertise:

        1.  Landscape design: access, infrastructure, fences, edges, riparian buffers.

        2.  Water systems: access, distribution, capturing, utilization.

        3.  Corrals and livestock handling infrastructure: design, placement, infrastructure.

        4.  Brainstorming possibilities and opportunities: enterprises, margins, profit potential.

        5.  Fertility enhancement: techniques, resources, carbon development, composting.

        6.  Identifying weak links: breakthroughs and break withs; catalysis and inhibitors

        7.  Team building: family relationships, collaboration agreements, non-employee labor.

        8.  Succession planning: articulating expectations, agreeing on vision, roadmap to the future.

        9.  Marketing: what, where, when, how, and to whom.

        10.  Financials: margins, enterprise comparisons, time and motion, project value.

        11.  Multi-species on pasture: symbiosis, infrastructure, logistics, protocols.

        12.  Forestry: income potential, lumber, culling, management.

        Ongoing benefits: All clients receive direct access to Joel for ongoing dialogue, within reason, in perpetuity, gratis.

        Consulting Terms: Honorarium plus travel expenses.

        Daniel's Speaking & Consulting Info

        Speaking Protocol:

        Daniel’s honorarium is $4,000 for a one day event, $6000 for two, plus expenses. To secure him as speaker, send an email to polyfacefarms@gmail.com or call 540-885-3590.

        The honorarium is the same whether it is a 30-minute presentation or an all-day seminar. Expenses include travel, meals, lodging, and parking fees.

        We reserve the right to negotiate concessions to these terms per our discretion. Normally the hosting organization sells our books on consignment with a commission.

        Speaking Topics:

        Mom…Dad…I want to farm:

        Starting a farm from scratch can be intimidating.  Where do you start?  With barns?  Fence?  Water?  Where do I put all this?  Enjoy this time with Daniel as he walks through the first steps of farm or homestead set up.

         Covering topics like:  

        What’s first?  What livestock should I get first and when?  

        How much time is this going to take?  How much is this going to cost?  And much more.  

        This talk can be for the very new or moved up to the more advanced.  Leaning from Daniel’s 30+ years in the farming world and setting up over 20 farms from scratch will empower you get started or just move forward with confidence.

        Grazing 101:

        In this talk Daniel will cover questions like:

        • How big should I make my paddocks?
        • How many cows can I raise on my farm/homestead?
        • What breeds should I get?
        • Best fencing and water plans.
        • How to improve soil and grow more grass!

          This and much more to help you get started or become more efficient or confident in your cattle production.

          Farm Labor:

          This talk(s) can cover many idea threads.
          • How to run a successful farm “Intern” or teaching program.
          • How to attract and KEEP great staff.
          • Looking at yourself and being ready to lead and or teach a team.
          • Housing, paying, feeding, etc.
          • Working up agreements to pay folks by performance not by the hour!
          • A fun and realistic look at farm labor and why it’s worth it!

            Teaching mentorship is something Daniel is passionate about. Having someone around you that is learning and growing is a wonderful way to live!

            Let’s spend some time talking about how it works.  Getting the most from your beef and pork – Communicating with your local butcher. Learning to speak the same language.


            Yes, Daniel will come to your farm for consulting!

            From a small homestead to larger farms, some even big enough to be called “ranches”- Daniel can help you get started or just look at your operations or ideas with a fresh set of eyes. But eyes with over 30 years of experience.

            Please email polyfacefarms@gmail.com for pricing or more information.