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Planting Seeds

written by

Melissa Barth

posted on

March 14, 2024

Here in the Valley, spring is definitely getting underway. With temperatures in the 50's, partly sunny skies, and an occasional warm breeze, the promise of summer does not seem far away. But just a few short weeks ago, things were not so cheery as I began my first round of indoor seedlings. 


If I am being honest, I didn't know how I felt about this venture. Growing up, I did our family garden for several years. But due to depleted soil and lack of sunshine, my efforts were largely unsatisfactory. The thought of starting seeds felt a little like offering to hold a baby when (it seems) every baby you have ever held was overcome with a feeling of intense sadness the moment they were placed in your arms (cue crying baby). 

Yet as I dampened the soil and began filling the little planter cells, a feeling of calmness came over me. The next 90 minutes passed peacefully and most enjoyably as I reconnected with a simpler form of work. 

I am not what I would consider a gardener, and gardening is not even my main role here at Polyface, but in that moment it was all that mattered....and it was life-giving. 

Fast forward a few weeks and I am sitting on my front porch putting in the third installation of seeds. 


As I reflect on the task at hand and how my previous seedlings are doing, I can't help but think of the parallels between starting seeds and living life. 

First, there is the uncertainty. Will the seeds emerge? Are they too warm or too cold to germinate? Did I give them enough water or too much? Life is uncertain. Yet we can choose to take risks and dream big anyway. 

Then there is intentionality. The timing of starting seeds is critical. In my case specifically, I want them to be mature enough to be planted in the hoop house once the chickens leave but not so mature that they are root-bound. There is also their daily care to consider. Lettuce flats that once needed to be moved out of the solarium to a warmer area at night are now getting too warm during the day. And so it is with life. Planting and watering seeds of kindness takes intentionality and perseverance. Just like it isn't convenient to take seeds in and out of a solarium, so it isn't convenient to write a letter, make a meal, or give away any form of your time or resources.  

Lastly, planting seeds reminds me of life because there is a reward, whether good or bad, for the things we sow.....but it takes time. In my case, I began to worry that my seeds were not going to germinate after a considerable amount of time had passed with no visible signs of change. Yet one of my coworkers reassured me that just like in nature, when the time and conditions were right, they would germinate. It is hard to wait for a return on the things we sow in life. Whether you are investing energy into your relationships, finances, job, or health, growth does not happen overnight. But at the proper time, you will see the good result of your efforts. 


So what are you sowing? Are you investing time and energy into the things that really matter? Are you encouraging those around you through your words and actions? 

I hope that the next time you see a seed or a little sprout it will cause you to pause and reflect on these three life principles  - uncertainty, intentionality, and reward. 

Furthermore, I hope you are encouraged to plant and cultivate the habits, attitudes, and devotions that will bring forth good fruit, not only in your own life but in the lives of others.    

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