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Practice over Perfection

written by

Hannah Hale

posted on

June 12, 2024

Have you ever heard the phrase "Practice makes perfect?" I can't be the only millennial who heard this growing up. It was meant to be an encouragement to keep trying; never give up; reach the top.

But let's face it. Perfection is intimidating.  Couple that with a “never enough” mentality and we feel defeated before we start.  In a social media-saturated world portraying others' lives as 'picture perfect', it's terrifying to even think about doing anything "perfect". As adults, we face thoughts and fears daily: not enough money, not enough time, not enough knowledge , not perfect enough. . . perfection is defeating.

Practice, on the other hand, is effective.    

You crawled before you walked.  

You gurgled and babbled before you talked.  

You didn’t learn to read all at once.  

You get the idea...

It's O.K. if things aren't perfect. Find joy in the journey.

You can be a 100 percent, all-in, hard-core, die-hard, only-eat-Polyface-EVER kind of person, or you can occasionally want a good dozen eggs or a pack of chicken breasts. Both are great. You're practicing eating better foods. You're taking positive practice steps in your health journey.

We don’t judge participation levels.  We welcome and honor any and all decisions and efforts to practice getting better nutrition, eating safer food, and building a relationship with a transparent farmer.

Every time you replace questionable grocery store mRNA-injected chemical-laden industrial factory-farmed fare with something from Polyface, you give your microbiome a healthy dose of superior nutrition, your family some “I care” reassurance, and our ecological nest a caress of stewardship.  

That’s a lot of return on your investment. That is moving you toward your goals, even if "perfection" isn't on the horizon.

We honor and respect where you are on your health journey. Thank you for letting us be your farmers as we, too, learn daily and move incrementally to build better soil, create better access to this food, and and become better stewards of creation.

Rather than focusing on "perfection", let's focus on practice. Let's rewrite that old saying. How about something like "Practice makes better practices." That's what we're going for, after all. We're all hoping to grow; learn; and improve (either ourselves or something around us). As you discover better food, you’ll discover taste, texture, and total satisfaction. Practice eating better and your eating practices will improve.

What better practices do you want to practice this summer? 


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