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What do Chickens Eat?

written by

Hannah Hale

posted on

March 13, 2024

Polyface Farm stands as a testament to sustainable agriculture, where the principles of ethical farming and environmental stewardship converge. We raise a variety of animals, both omnivores and herbivores, ensuring their well-being and the quality of their diet.

Among our fellow co-laborers in our stewardship are chickens, pigs, turkeys, rabbits, and cows, each with its own dietary needs. While chickens, pigs, and turkeys thrive on an omnivorous diet, rabbits and cows are natural herbivores. Even our omnivore herds and flocks, raised using nature’s template, require additional sustenance beyond grazing.

While historically these animals would have roamed for miles to gather necessary proteins, we can't do that. Our neighbors wouldn't approve, and our ecological development would be greatly diminished without gently guiding the animals where we need them and managing (stewarding) our property well. We cannot deprive our animals of the proteins they require just because we have manmade laws like property boundaries. 

Instead, we provide locally milled whole-grain feed, ensuring our animals receive a balanced diet while minimizing our environmental footprint.

All our feeds are GMO-free. Our custom blend comprises whole roasted soybeans, corn, oats, a small amount of fish meal, and a Fertrell mineral mix, providing essential nutrients while excluding animal by-products, fillers, hormones, or antibiotics.

Our laying hens also receive calcium and lime mixed in for their shell quality.

We tailor the feed ratios and amounts to match the specific protein requirements of different animals, including pigs, turkeys, laying hens, broiler chickens, chicks, poults, and ducks. This personalized approach ensures optimal health and growth for each species under our care.

It's essential to note our use of whole roasted soybeans, distinct from traditional soy products. This is not soy. We don’t use soy.  We use whole-roasted soybeans.  The difference is equivalent to high fructose corn syrup versus corn on the cob.

In essence, we at Polyface exemplify a holistic approach to animal nutrition, where sustainability, ethical practices, and nutritional quality link by prioritizing the well-being of our animals and the integrity of our environment.




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