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2.3-2.6lb | Rabbit Fryer

2.3-2.6lb | Rabbit Fryer

Rabbits offer the most dense protein of any meat because they don’t store fat in their muscle; they only store it in their viscera.  Any recipe for a young chicken will work fine for a young rabbit.  Historically, the military used them for K-rations due to the dense protein punch they packed.  Because of this they are the leanest of all the animal proteins.

Rabbits were Daniel Salatin’s first farming enterprise when he was about 8 years old and we maintain a small number of them still today.  The does and bucks are suspended above a carbonaceous diaper, normally with chickens scratching underneath to keep things composting.  In winter they’re in hoop houses for warmth and in summer they’re in sheds to stay cool.

They receive unmedicated pellets and treats like fruit tree prunings, hay, and grass.  When weaned, the bunnies go outside on pasture (during spring, summer, and fall) in portable shelters that we move daily to a fresh spot of grass.  The bottoms are slatted in order to prevent digging out.  Served in some of the most exotic restaurants in the world, you can enjoy them in your own home and find out why other cultures use rabbits as a dietary mainstay. 

Try roasting, frying, or even slow-cooking these rabbits.


1 Forage based young Polyface rabbit