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Blue Elk Coffee Co. is a Coffee Roastery located in Staunton, VA. Owners Jeff and Nova Jean are presently featuring direct trade coffee from 5 ranches in El Salvador. They profit share 50/50 with the growers for all coffee from these farms. Blue Elk Coffee is a Polyface-staff owned company.

Our coffee ships 1 or 2 full pounds in a foil-lined, zip-sealed bag with a one-way outgas valve. Coffee keeps well in the bag; if using your own container, just avoid air and light if possible; we don't recommend freezing. Our 5 pound coffee boxes use a heavy duty plastic bag; consider other storage options. Suggested use is two weeks for maximum flavor/freshness; turns out, "fresh" is a bit of a preference.

Direct Trade + Profit Sharing

We get our Salvadoran coffee directly from the family growing it. That’s pretty cool!

Giving the farmers growing the coffee a fair price for the season’s harvest is also a pretty great way to do things. Not limiting the grower to a varying stock market price assures they don’t get less than they put into growing it!

But Blue Elk takes it one step further by sharing profits all the way down the line with the grower.

For every wholesale and retail product with coffee from El Salvador (Santa Isabel and Romanota) that is roasted by us, the profits are divided equally. It’s that simple.

We think that’s pretty amazing!

Blue Elk Coffee Co.