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Beeswax Burns...


    Beeswax burns longer than other waxes because of its high density and high melting point.


    Beeswax burns cleaner than other waxes because it is a natural wax. No chemicals are needed in the cleaning process.


    Beeswax burns brighter than other waxes because of its high density. Its golden glow is taken from the honey stored in the hive.

About Blue Ridge Beeswax

Blue Ridge Beeswax began out of an fondness for the simple elegance of beeswax candles. Our first candles were made by dipping wicks in a mason jar of wax for Christmas gifts. Since our small beginning in 2019, we have worked to create beautiful, well-burning candles made from 100% beeswax. We use as much wax from local Virginia apiaries as possible, and when necessary, and blend with wax from other U.S. apiaries.

Blue Ridge Beeswax