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5 Ways to bring Hygge to Your Picnic Area

written by

Hannah Hale

posted on

April 18, 2024

As the hues of spring unfurl and the air turns balmy with the sunshine, it's time to bid farewell to winter's chill and welcome the cozy embrace of hygge into our outdoor spaces. 

With nature awakening from its slumber and the world teeming with life, there's no better time to infuse your deck/patio/picnic area with the art of hygge. 

Hygge (ho͞oɡə, h-you-guh) is a Norwegian word and means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.

So, grab your favorite blanket, and a basket of treats, and let's explore five simple ways to create a haven of warmth and comfort amidst the blossoming beauty of spring. Forget about the busyness of the season. Take time to linger in the moment and allow all 5 of your senses to drink in this season. 

  1. Soft Textures and Warm Layers: Hygge is all about tactile pleasures, and there's no better way to evoke a sense of coziness than with soft textures and warm layers. Drape your picnic area with light blankets, oversized cushions, and snuggly throws (for the cool evenings). Try an outdoor rug or tablecloth for an aesthetic and tactile appeal to your senses. Choose natural materials like wool or cotton charm. Encourage your family or guests to sink into the comfort of fluffy pillows while savoring the delights of spring.
  2. Soft Lighting and Candle Glow: As the sun sets and dusk settles, let the gentle flicker of candlelight cast a warm glow over your picnic area. Embrace the ambiance of fairy lights or Edison string lights strung from tree branches, strung around your eating area, or even just nestled among potted plants. Scatter candles in lanterns or mason jars to create a magical atmosphere that draws you to linger a little longer under the starry sky. Soft light will instantly transform your outdoor space into a sanctuary of serenity. 
  3. Nourishing Comfort Foods: What's a picnic without an abundance of delectable treats wherein to indulge? Embrace the spirit of hygge by curating a menu of nourishing comfort foods that warm your soul, tantalize your taste buds, and truly nourish your body. Think hearty stew with crusty bread, raw cheeses, and an assortment of fresh soil-grown veggies. Encourage your family to savor each bite slowly, relishing the flavors and the joy of communal dining amidst nature's embrace. 
  4. Nature-Inspired Decor: Channel the essence of spring's renewal by incorporating nature-inspired decor into your picnic area. Adorn your table with freshly picked blooms, or fragrant herbs in clay pots. Create a whimsical centerpiece using fresh boughs, pine cones, or pebbles collected from an outdoor adventure. Let the sights, scents, and sounds of nature envelop you, enhancing the hygge experience with its innate beauty and tranquility. If you can't hear an abundance of birds singing, try a nature-sound playlist to help cultivate a sense of peace and calm.
  5. Mindful Moments of Connection: I know I mentioned this in my previous blog post, but it is vital. At the heart of hygge lies the simple pleasure of meaningful connections shared with loved ones. Foster a sense of intimacy and togetherness by encouraging mindful moments of connection during your picnic gatherings. Put away electronic devices, engage in heartfelt conversations, and relish the laughter that dances on the breeze. Create cherished memories as you bask in the warmth - not only of Spring's beauty - but of deep human connection, surrounded by nature's bounty in this season.
  6. (Bonus!) Mindful Use of Natural Resources: Try these simple ideas for taking care of the Earth and practicing sustainability.  1. Try a meal or two using real dishes in your outdoor dining area rather than paper products to throw away. 2. Source as many of your meal ingredients as possible directly from a farm dedicated to sustainable practices. 3. Compost any scraps left over from your dining experience. 4. Take off your shoes! Did you know that the Earth is basically a huge battery that recharges us when we let it? "Earthing appears to counteract inflammation through the transfer of negatively-charged electrons from Earth’s surface into the body. Once in the body, those electrons neutralize positively charged destructive free radicals involved in acute, as well as chronic, inflammation. In essence, the Earth's energy makes the ground beneath our feet an extremely effective and abundant antioxidant! And it’s free. No pills, no prescriptions. All you have to do is reconnect." (-grounded.com/what-is-earthing)

As you embark on your journey to infuse your picnic area with hygge this spring, remember that it's not about perfection. Rather, it's about embracing the present moment and finding joy in life's simple pleasures...even in small pockets of time. 

 So, gather your loved ones, bask in the beauty this season, and create a warm atmosphere and enjoy the good things in life with good people. Let yourself be enveloped in a cozy cocoon of warmth and contentment. Choose one or two of these ideas to implement this season, and see where it takes you.

Here's to picnics filled with laughter, love, and Spring's song. 



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