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Daily Chores

posted on

May 23, 2024

“Chores” is a word you may hear farmers use a lot. The main reason for this is because farmers do a lot of them. 

The word “chore” simply means a routine or everyday task. There is nothing derogatory about this word around here! Doing chores repetitively is one of the main ways that Polyface has trained up generations of young farmers, teaching them how to care for the land and the animals well.

The chores that need to happen daily change a bit as the seasons change. 

Currently, chores include: moving, feeding, and watering the broilers (meat chickens)/pullets (young egg-laying chickens)/poults (young turkeys) in our chicken tractors, moving our "Feathernet" and "Eggmobile", feeding and watering the rabbits and moving "hare pens", gathering, sorting, and cleaning eggs from both the ducks and chickens, feeding and monitoring the chicks in the brooder, checking pigs, moving cows and more.


These daily tasks happen rain or shine. Every day is different as we step out the door at dawn to do our work.

One morning this week, I ended the morning very wet, due to the heavy mist and soaking dew on tall grass. The next morning felt worthy of poetry as the sun rose in hues of orange and pink splendor, wisps of clouds slowly unveiling the lush mountain backdrop. 


I may not feel like getting out of bed every single day in the dark but I know that I have the privilege of meeting the new day head-on as I start my day with chores. Spending your early morning out in nature, caring for the animals' needs as they awake gives you a little “sneak peek” of the day ahead of you.

After thinking about it, a lot of the other work we do exists to support our daily chores, whether it be bringing feed out to the broilers or fixing electric nets for our "Feathernet" paddocks. 

Never underestimate the little jobs. It may seem a small thing, but Polyface has seen the simple chore of moving chicken tractors one space each day transform landscapes and bring fertility and nutrients to barren ground.

Far from being rote and boring, chores bring a new adventure every day. 

It is an intimate act to care for something day in and day out, to monitor your birds' health and notice how they're growing, to know a stretch of land as you cover the ground on a regular basis, to give of yourself in order to make something else prosper. 


Daily chores may require faithfulness, perseverance and love but I have found it produces in me a sense of joy, beauty, and gratefulness that I wouldn’t trade for anything. 

Here’s to early morning chores!


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