Welcome to our NEW Website | Click here to learn about important changes and new ways to save!


Welcome to our new & improved online experience! 🖥️🎀

Scroll below for a short list of important changes you'll notice.

You must create a new shopping account

We updated the website and also switched to a brand-new platform. For this reason, you'll be prompted to create a new shopping account when placing your first order.

The loyalty program has been replaced with Subscriptions

Since it wasn't compatible with the new platform we're using, we had to shut down our Polyface Rewards program.

If you have outstanding points you'd like to redeem, please reach out to our team.

The silver lining is that we were able to replace this with our new Subscription Program, which will be an even easier way to save! You can learn all about that here.

Neighborhood deliveries are no longer a set day of the month

Neighborhood Pickup deliveries have switched to a consistent 4-week schedule, meaning they will no longer be on a certain day of the month (e.g. every 1st Friday). 

The benefit is that we'll no longer have a 5th-week break, which should make meal planning easier for you. You can see the full delivery schedule here!

Shipping now includes our delivery costs

If you're shopping for UPS shipping, you might notice that we've increased the price of products. This means you'll no longer have to wait until checkout to calculate your shipping cost.

Essentially, the prices include most of the shipping, minus a $25 flat fee for 1-2 day ground or a $35 flat fee for 2nd day air that is waived on orders above $175. 

That's right, orders above $175 receive FREE SHIPPING. We hope this change makes it easier to shop.

Login required to see prices

When you create an account, the online store will display different pricing tiers based on where you're located and how you choose to receive your order (pickup vs delivery). 

This is what enables us to build in the cost of shipping for UPS, without having to raise prices on more affordable options like the neighborhood pickup.