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Whole, SMOKED, Frozen Fish, approx. 15-18oz each.

Our head on, dressed & cleaned, fan favorite trout is now available smoked. Packed just like our fresh trout, our smoked trout will be packaged 1 fish (approx. 15-18oz) per package.

Brined for 24 hours and smoked on applewood at 250 degrees, this smoked trout is 100% cooked and ready to serve. It’s great for reheating and serving warm or adding it as a topping to your favorite salad or as a spread on a bagel. Enjoy!


To preserve freshness while also ensuring a longer shelf life in the freezer Smoke In Chimneys spring raised trout with be packaged 1 fish (approx. 0.5-1.5 lbs) per package, first wrapped in plastic and then wrapped in waxed freezer paper with a label displaying pack date and weight of fish.

Smoke In Chimneys trout are raised in a 1930s gravity-fed earth-pond system that is supplied water by a covered artesian spring only 200 feet from the ponds. The water that feeds our system runs at 1000 gallons a minute and is connected to one of the healthiest streams in Virginia according to Hollins University Biologists. Because our water runs clean and cold year around these trout are the freshest tasting fish you will find locally. Smoke in Chimneys trout are supplemented with a clean high quality ration containing a blend of non-gmo whole grains and wild caught marine by-product. These trout, however, also feed on the many flies, nymphs and bugs in the natural pond system that rests right beneath the shining sun. Smoke in Chimneys trout are never treated with antibiotics or chemicals. Instead, they are carefully moved frequently and Shannon and Ty keep lower limits on how many fish are in each pond so that they grow naturally and healthily.

WHY Smoke In Chimneys TROUT?
Trout grow naturally in Virginia streams, but the native trout that are caught are dwindling in numbers. Between the abundance of herons, otters, and other wildlife predators and the increasing number of fisherman that are looking to take home fresh caught fish, the trout has become an endangered species.
Smoke in Chimneys’ Ty Walker, as an avid fly fisherman, prides himself on being able to grow a beautiful, delicious trout in Virginia spring water that people can eat! He is passionate about preserving the wild trout in the streams while also feeding people a fish that is loved and enjoyed by many. Smoke in Chimneys trout is a delicate fish that has a mild but clean flavor with nutty and buttery notes. Trout are high in protein and loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids. Trout also contain plenty of B vitamins, niacin, phosphorous, and potassium to name a few. They are easy to cook and taste delicious with almost any spice or breading combination.

Salmon and trout that are found at the supermarkets are shipped in frozen usually overseas or from large indoor operations with crowded fish and low quality feed. The fish often live in plastic pools fed recycled water with aerators under fluorescent lighting. Although wild caught salmon seems plentiful in the ocean, wild caught trout are dwindling in number in the streams throughout America. Smoke In Chimneys trout are grown in a way that is closest to nature and it is evident in the delicious flavor and texture of the fish. With clean, free running water and quality feed Smoke In Chimneys is producing a delicious, healthy fish for consumers that value good farming practices and a clean delicious food product.
We are Ty and Shannon Walker and our lively kids are Eve (4) and Gratton (2), our property is in Craig County and we are surrounded by the beautiful Jefferson and Washington National Forests. We love trout! After studying organic farming and a few years working with beef/dairy and pigs the opportunity to move to this property came up by the grace of God. After taking a big leap of faith we moved here and began farming trout, a practice that surprisingly has very little information on it. Because our system is a 1930s gravity-fed no-electricity water system, Ty was able to make the most headway after reading some very old books on the ways people used to raise trout, more in connection with the natural land. We are honored to be here growing fish and are learning new things every day.
We love our small community in New Castle and thank God that we get to enjoy this mountain life. We also love our little herd of dairy cows and goats, pigs and chickens. In our few hours and days of free time we love fly fishing, laying on warm cows that smell like sweet grass, sunbathing, spending time with family and cooking and eating amazing food. The rest of the time we run around like crazy people! We are also developing a farming spiritual internship to teach and uplift God's wisdom and ways in prayer, farming, and food. Please come and see us!
We are passionate about clean nourishing food and are active members of the Weston Price Foundation. We are honored to be connected with Polyface and to serve their loyal customers new and old with a delicious and quality fish to enjoy.
There is much more information and pictures on the hatchery page of our website: www.smokeinchimneys.com/hatchery