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2.7-2.9lb | 1/4 WH. GOUDA RAW CHEESE

2.7-2.9lb | 1/4 WH. GOUDA RAW CHEESE

1/4 wheel of Gouda Style Raw Cheese from Shenandoah Valley Family Farms.

Highlights from this farm:

  • certified organic
  • 100% grass fed
  • A2A2 Genetics Cows
  • healthy balanced soils
  • handcrafted in small batches 
  • no liquid smoke, uses real wood smoke

Farm Story:

Wayne and Annie Beery operate Mountain Branch Creamery in Dayton, Virginia, milking 100 percent grass-fed New Zealand Fresian cows with A2A2 genetics. Their organic dairy makes raw milk aged cheese with nothing but cultures and sea salt. It’s so natural it’s not consistent enough for government-approved specific labeling, so you’ll notice it’s Gouda-like rather than perfect Gouda. But the wildness makes it wonderful and Polyface is thrilled to bring it to you.  He cuts maple and hickory on his own farm to do the smoking in an ingenious homemade smoker made out of an old refrigerator. Our hope is that we can help him with enough sales to quit selling any commodity milk and go full-time with his own entrepreneurial brand, including full-bodied cream line fluid milk. Thank you for getting the best for your family, and helping another family reach their dreams.


Ingredients - Organic raw cows milk, celtic sea salt, enzymes, cheese cultures. (Rennet is non-GMO pure animal rennet)