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Whole Pastured duck.

Raised in shelters identical to our whole broilers. Ducks consume more grass then broilers. Excellent for baking and rich in flavor.

Availability: Growing season is May - October.

These were raised by Shane Murrow on Polyface ground. Here's a note from Shane:

After Apprenticing at Polyface I had the opportunity to put my farming knowledge to use. I remain affiliated with Polyface as a contract farmer and decided I wanted to offer our customers a more diverse selection by raising pastured ducks. I traveled from farm to farm across the country learning how to raise and process ducks of nutritional high quality. Once I had conceptualized, it was time to get my hands dirty. At two weeks old my chicks were put out onto pasture and moved every day to a fresh salad bar of grass. These ducks never went a minute without having a diversified diet, plenty of water, sunshine, and fresh air in their predator-proof shelters. Their succulent flavor is a reflection of the care and attention devoted to them throughout their life cycle.