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Poured with 100% natural beeswax filtered to remove impurities this gorgeous candle burns clean and bright, with a distinctive honey aroma. 

 Each candle is hand-dipped or poured with 100% natural beeswax filtered to remove impurities. This allows the candles to burn clean and bright, with its distinctive honey aroma. We source our wax from regional apiaries, supplementing with other U.S. sources when necessary.  To avoid a tunneling wick over the lifespan of the candle, allow the molten wax pool to come within ¼ inch of the edge of the candle before extinguishing. If the wick is bending severely to one side, use a tool to nudge the wick upright from the base of the exposed wick. When extinguishing, use a tool to drip molten wax onto the burning flame, or tip the burning wick down into the wax pool and then back out again. Under these conditions, each medium pillar will burn for for about 35 hours. Never leave a burning candle unattended.


Beeswax, Cotton wick