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Ships From Roastery!

Roasted-on-demand coffee, captain's choice. Choose other varieties/sizes in menu below.

Roaster's Choice is a 1lb, medium roast: Your coffee will be roasted and shipped from Blue Elk Coffee and will be a single origin or blend of one of the following:

  • Guatemala
  • Brazil
  • El Salvador
  • Indonesia
  • DR Congo
  • Peru

To choose a specific origin and size, use the "Select Option" menu.

El SALVADOR - profit shared with the growers

Our Santa Isabel coffee comes directly from the Hernandez family farm high in the Cacahuatique mountains of El Salvador. Roasted to a magnificent medium in Staunton, Virginia, it has good body, sweet and mild acidity with notes of dark chocolate, citrus and spice. Works great for drip and a sharp espresso; excels at cold brew. Profit shared with the growers.

ELKSPRESSO - the choice for pressure brews

This mostly Salvadoran coffee is blended with seasonal varieties for use with pressure brew systems. Also brews a stout regular cup. Profit shared with the growers.

ORGANIC -certified organic coffees

DR Congo - Located at the borders of Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, the Kivu area is home to coffees with stunning cup profiles. While the area is subject to on-going conflicts, a cooperation between coffee farmers, Farm Africa and the Virunga National Park is encouraging peace through the growing of specialty coffee.

MEXICO - Veracruz, Altura - DECAF

Mountain Water decaf process is entirely chemical-free. This decaffeination process preserves flavor with only minor changes to the coffee's original sensory profile. Altura has a medium body with mild acidity with hints of milk chocolate, nougat, stone fruit, and cane sugar.


Our 1 and 2 pound coffees ship in a foil-lined, zip-sealed bag with a one-way outgas valve. Coffee keeps well in the bag. If using your own container, just avoid air and light if possible; we don't recommend freezing.

Our 5 pound coffee boxes use a heavy duty plastic bag; consider other storage options.

Suggested use is two weeks for maximum flavor/freshness; turns out, "fresh" is a bit of a preference.


Blue Elk Coffee Co. is a Coffee Roastery located in Staunton, VA. Owners Jeff and Nova Jean are presently featuring direct trade coffee from 5 ranches in El Salvador. They profit share 50/50 with the growers for all coffee roasted from these farms!


Roasted coffee