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...but I think we benefit when we consciously recognize life’s cycles and articulate thankfulness.

Planting Seeds

...Just like in nature, when the time and conditions were right, they would germinate. It is hard to wait for a return on the things we sow in life....What are you sewing?

What do Chickens Eat?

We cannot deprive our animals of the proteins they require. We at Polyface exemplify a holistic approach to animal nutrition, where sustainability, ethical practices, and nutritional quality link together by prioritizing the well-being of our animals and the integrity of our environment.


Anyone desiring to purchase meat from a drought-resistant farm needs to verify these three principles are foundational in the farm’s protocols.

Lingering in Life's Moments

...Slowly we moved on, each of us back to our respective homes. It was time to finish up our little tasks, cook dinner, and prepare for a new week. But I lingered, enjoying the moment of just sitting in nature and seeing the beauty of a healthy ecosystem play out in front of my eyes.