Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminars

If you ever wanted in immerse for two days behind the curtain at Polyface Farms, here is your chance! This is a hands on, in-the-field learning experience in which the how-to is smothered in southern hospitality. The Salatin family crams all material possible into two days of fantastic food (6 meals), sweet fellowship and intensive information. It is a comprehensive look at multi-generational multi-species direct market grass farm and business.

There is very limited attendance to maintain intimacy as we actually process chickens and rabbits, go up the mountain to see pigs, and discuss water systems and road building.

We go to one of the rental farms where Joel and Daniel co-teach mob stocking and land lease options.

A silviculture session accentuates good forestry managements. We mill a log into lumber on the farm’s bandsaw mill and talk about adding value to woodlots. Daniel walks you through team building and apprenticeships. We cover genetics, grass finishing beef, pasture poultry, winter housing and more.

The syllabus is like a text book.


July 17-18  

July 21-22  

August 4-5  

Registration is handled by The Stockman Grass Farmer Magazine: Call 601-853-7755 or visit The Stockman Grass Farmer

Farm Like A Lunatic -

For the first time ever, Joel Salatin’s 60+ years of farming knowledge and experience has been condensed into a video course just for you to be successful in your own farmstead or homestead venture.

The Polyface Bookshelf

FAST FOOD NATION by Eric Schlosser – Current hot topic book exposing the dangers of America’s fast food icon.

ECO-FARM by Charles Walters – Foundational to understanding the differences between “toxic rescue chemistry” and natural soil fertility.

THE SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL by James Dale Davidson – Prophetic about the impacts of the information revolution to democratize everything.

THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE by Steven Covey – Next to the Bible, probably the most effective treatise for becoming all you can be.

FARMER’S PROGRESS by George Henderson – Currently out of print, this book details the farming success of a 1940’s English farmer.

THE FARMING LADDER by George Henderson – Out of print, but my favorite book of all time. From portable chicken shelters to farm entrepreneurialism, this book has it all.

THE CONTRARY FARMER by Gene Logsdon – Possibly Logsdon’s best general work, showing how he goes against the grain of everything conventional.

THE UNSETTLING OF AMERICA by Wendell Berry – My favorite philosophical agriculture book, and Berry’s greatest classic.

PLOWMAN’S FOLL by Ed Faulkner – Still current, this ex-extension agent shows why plowing should be done sparingly.

MALABAR FARM by Louis Bromfield – Few farmers questioned the culture’s agriculture paradigms as saliently as Bromfield. Still a must for avid students of landscape stewardship.

AN AGRICULTURAL TESTAMANT by Sir Albert Howard – My most oft-quoted book–absolutely the footer of modern natural farming.

PERMACULTURE: DESIGNER’S MANUAL by Bill Mollison – A veritable compendium of symbiotic and synergistic design. My most oft given-away book.

GRASS FARMER by Allan Nation – A documentation of the nation’s pioneering and leading grass farmers, showing their results and techniques.

GOLD IN THE GRASS by Margaret Leatherbarrow – This is the one for the ladies. It grips your heart, makes you laugh and cry. Powerful.

TREE CROPS by Russell J. Smith – A true classic, detailing multi-vegetative stacking concepts, and as current today as when it was written.

GRASS PRODUCTIVITY by Andre Voisin – The absolute bedrock for any student of grass farming. This is still the Bible for grass farmers.

NOURISHING TRADITIONS by Sally Fallon – The book that launched the groundswell Weston A. Price movement. It will change your life.

THE GIFT OF GOOD LAND by Wendell Berry – Another classic by perhaps the strongest and most articulate voice in ecological agriculture.

ALTARS OF UNHEWN STONE by Wes Jackson – Challenging industrial agriculture’s mindset, this is perhaps Jackson’s best book.

FERTILITY PASTURES by Newman Turner – Still a classic, this book challenges soil tests and shows real success from one of the world’s best pasture farmers.

DOMINION by Matthew Scully – From a conservative’s perspective, this voluminous treatise–sometimes tedious–challenges the religious right with the moral dimension of animal husbandry.

PARADIGMS by Joel Arthur Barker – he book that popularized the term “paradigms.” A great explanation of our preconceived notions.

PASTURE PERFECT by Jo Robinson – The far-reaching benefits of choosing meat, eggs, and dairy products from grass-fed animals.

THE BOTANY OF DESIRE by Michael Pollan – A plant’s-eye view of the world.

OMNIVORE’S DILEMMA by Michael Pollan