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8 oz

Bring this spread to room temperature to serve and enjoy the Boursin-like goodness of herbs, garlic and the knockout addition of Romano for depth of flavor.

Serving Suggestions:
• Serve with neutral crackers (Table Water style), crostini, or warm baquette.
• While still cool shape into a log, or ball, and roll in fresh minced herbs.
• Stuff in celery or cucumber bites, or as a crudités dip.
• Stir some into hot grits for one-of-a-kind shrimp and grits.


We are Vic and Jules, and have been friends for about 20 years. We've both been eating longer than that, and not just eating, but making opinionated tastings. Which brings us to the product, our food.

We produce our fine foods in an inspected kitchen at The Inn at Meadowcroft in Swoope, like hope, Virginia. The pastured meats we use are from Polyface Farm. The daily round trip commute is short, to the inn, to the farm, no traffic lights just pastures of cattle, horses, and sheep, hayfields, cornfields, vineyards, and big sky. The farthest our product travels is to you, the considerate consumer.

We appreciate your thoughtfulness in buying from Vic & Jules. Our goal is to make great food, with great ingredients, for great people like you.


Cream cheese (pasteurized milk & cream, salt, carob bean gum, cheese culture), butter (pasteurized cream, [milk]), garlic romano cheese (pasteurized milk, enzymes, salt), herbs.